Large Animals

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Large Animal Information

We offer full service on the farm care for your farm animals. Dr. Pickerel has been practicing large animal medicine since 1995. We have a fully equipped “vet truck” with portable x-ray and ultrasound. We offer a full line of medicines that we can have drop shipped directly to your door and we beat any advertised price on equine and bovine medicines.


M-F: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Trip fees

Start at: $85.00 first 15 miles
Then: $2.00 per/mile after that

Embryo Transfer

Our Bovine Embryo Transfer division is part of our Large Animal Hospital, Country Health Large Animal Veterinary Services. Dr. Troy Pickerel is in charge of the division and personally oversees all the Donors and recipients. We have 2 facilities which include our main office in Athens, our Donor/recipient farm in Ila. We offer all the basic Embryo Transfer services such as on the farm flushing and freezing of embryos as well as transfers of both fresh and frozen embryos. We also are set up to perform embryo splitting as well (performed at our facility). As a veterinary facility we are setup to handle the special needs of both problem Donors and individual Donors that require further treatment. We extensively use Ultrasound exams to improve our clients success rates by monitoring follicular wave dynamics of donors before Embryo Transfer/Superovulation protocols are initiated and by examining potential recipient candidates prior to transfer. We also offer Ultrasound fetal sexing services as well as routine pregnancy diagnoses.